that little kid from Indiana Jones? Google “Short Round” and you will find a little Asian kid hanging out with Harrison Ford and also some images of one of the hottest talents in the Melbourne underground scene.

Vincent Fir (aka Short Round) found an underground scene in Melbourne that he instantly fell in love with and has been a part of ever . Inspired by the sounds of Orkestrated and Kalus, Short Round spent endless hours perfecting his on the decks and when it was time to make the jump from bedroom to the clubs he made an instant impact on the Melbourne underground scene.

Kicking off a new weekly night hosted by the Kickons Crew is the minimal king himself, Short Round. Talking influences from the Melbourne minimal scene and an ever-growing Psytrance scene – Short Round’s sets create a diverse mixture of all his influences and pushing boundaries and forgetting constraints of what people expect.

Leading up to this massive event, OzClubbers sat down with Short Round to talk his back story, how he’s bridging minimal and psytrance, and what he has coming up.

Hi Vincent, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at OzClubbers. You’ve been around the Melbourne scene for quite a few years now.  Tell us a bit about how you got your first break and where.

My first break was the first clubs I went to, Hidden forest, 229 Queensberry street Carlton. I went there every single week on Friday just to impress the owners. Made connections an friends and yeah played my first gig there at 6am. I played a 30 vs set to like fuck all people but I was like wow I love this so much! And the owner was impressed and starting to put me on more. Then he became my manager n started to get me more gigs and help me out. I owe him so much and Hidden Forest for my come up.

Your mixtapes, which started online in excess of 6 years ago, have become a staple on many people’s devices with some amassing nearly 1million listens.  Tell us where you get your inspiration from for your regular mixtapes?

The grind I reckon. It pushes me to like to make something new every month but I’ve been working hard on originals so every 3 months I’ll try to make a new one. They gotta be different have tracks that people don’t know. And motivates me to make new music. And it stands out if people don’t know these tracks. Or just my new shit or shit I’m trying out. I’m glad people enjoy them

The diversity in your sets demonstrates that there is no divide between minimal and psy-trance scenes.  you tell us a bit more about your venture into psy-trance and how that came about?

I remember hearing like Zac Deperto play like psytrance and Hidden Forest started bring down psytrance act to like the club I usually go to for an event called armageddon and it was like a breath of fresh air for like that dirty Melbourne vibes ya know. I didn’t wanna hop on the psytrance train but like I felt like sometimes I just wanna to speed things up. And I usually do during sets something to keep stuff interesting.

You draw your DJ inspiration from Melbourne’s own Orkestrated and Kalus.  Tell us a few things about both artists that really speak to you.

I always like dance music but I was like mann I would love something fucking filthy and then my mate showed me kalus n orks when I was like 16 and I was like brooo. Wtf this is fucking something else. I think it’s just the beats they made like just does something to my brain mate I need to dance. I really like there bootlegs like all like taking hip hop track vocals just added a dance beat I was like dammmm. Loveee it haha

A few years ago you started down the production path as well, releasing wave after wave of killer tracks, with a lot out on Hungry Koala and Psymal Records. Can you tell us what equipment do you use in the studio for your production work?

They some old ass tunes hahah, I legit use to use a mac and headphones straight into the back with out a soundboard. Stupid mistake I look back now everything is so shitty sounding. But worked with that for ages till I could save up money for monitors. I brought these like $300 M-audio speakers and a like m-audio soundcard which was like $100. And produced on there for a while. Then saved more money and now I got an Adam F7. And they are so clean highly recommend!

You’re about to headline The Kickons Crew’s newest Saturday night “Rooftop Kickons” at Brown Alley starting Sat 18th January.  Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from Short Round at this gig?

Expect new shit, that’s just filthy as fuckk!  Bootlegs of songs. But just new music, I always got new music and towards the end older stuff of mine.

Melbourne has a diverse selection of artists and DJs.  Can you name three local artists from Melbourne that have really stood out to you recently (other than Orkestrated and Kalus of course)?

There legit so many underrated artists down here in Melbourne, like naming 3 is so hard. I was in the studio with Kore G and watching him produce and how he works and how his music is so clean, defs a stand out, Gabe A hands down still one of my fav producers I wish he released more and i’ve been vibing TACCERRS Lately he makes like raw style I dunno what its called it’s just fucking slappps so hardd!

And finally, can you name a few tracks which you are really vibing at the moment.

Everything new from will sparks, rattle – rebuke, buy you a drink (David Ylais remix) and the new tracks I’ve been working on I’m vibing and cant wait to finish.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Vincent.

Rooftop Kickon’s starts Saturday 18th Jan with Short Round and Madeleine plus Caleb Amir and Georgie M on .


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