It takes a very special event to manage to reach 10 years in the clubbing industry. But when you’ve got a formula such as Junkyard Sessions does in Brisbane, its not a difficult one.

Junkyard Sessions reaches its 10th year this year putting on amazing Drum and Bass artists! Behind the Junkyard Sessions name is Dylan House (Kosha D) and Kim De La Haye (De La Haye), both well known Brisbane DnB artists in their own right, both with a passion the local DnB scene and sound.

Leading into their 10th birthday celebrations this weekend at both Sub Rosa and Rumpus Room, OzClubbers’ Adam Madd sat down with Junkyard Sessions founder, Dylan, for a bit of a chat.

Hi Dylan, for taking a moment to chat! Junkyard Sessions is coming up on its 10th birthday this weekend. Can you tell us a bit about how it all started 10 years ago?

I’d been running bass music events in Brissy before I moved to the UK. When I came back in I was approached by the promoter from StepInn ( Netherworld) to put on a night there. I was keen, but wanted to keep it small (intimate), local and monthly, as the DnB scene was rather dormant at that stage; it needed to be sustainable. I’d have 3 guests in the little corner bar and transition from Hip-Hop, to , then to DnB – it was loads of fun!!! Kim and I joined forces in 2012 and she was happy to keep the Junkyard name going.

You’re Junkyard Sessions across two amazing venues this weekend for the 10th Birthday, initially at the new Sub Rosa for the day party, and then over to your normal home at Rumpus Room for the -party. How did it come about that you managed to stretch it over two amazing venues?

The 10th anniversary actually fell in May of last year (shhh, don’ tell anyone), we’ve just been waiting for the right moment. We were actually going to have a boat party but due to all of the red tape Brisbane’s night culture friendly council has created and it not being cost effective, it became too tricky to bring to fruition. De La Haye was offered the booking of Ben Soundscape and Collette Warren, which we know from Sun and Bass, a yearly festival in Sardinia, Italy. It’s also fell near Kim’s birthday…it was meant to be!! The reason we wanted to start at Sub Rosa was mainly due to the fact we wanted Ben and Collette to perform on a quality sound system – Sub Rosa’s VOID system is dope. Rumpo has been our home for 6 years now, it seemed fitting that we finish up there. Plus, we could invite more locals to play…we have 19 local DJs playing…crazy…so rad!! …is it too much!? Baha!!

You’ve had some amazing artists over the years. Can you name a few memorable ones and what made them so memorable?

Oh, man, that’s tricky. I reckon our day party with Spectasoul in 2018 was one of our best gigs, and Jack (one half of the duo) was so nice and his set was dope. The vibe that day was amazing!! We’ve hosted the DMCs a couple of times, Total Eclipse from the Executioners performed, he’s got freakish skills. It’s hard to single out out any others. The local DJs and producers is what makes Junkyard work on a monthly basis. We’ve got so many talented artists right here, that are awesome people – we’re really lucky!

You and Kim De Lla Haye have a great working relationship when it comes to Junkyard Sessions. What makes this relationship just work for you both?

We identified a time ago that we have very similar taste in music, which is a great start. Often when we play together, one of us will play a tune that the other has lined up. Aside from that, we have a bit of yin and yang thing going on. Kim is an online promo ninja, where I’m a bit lacking and I solve technical issues that arise at gigs. We also communicate well and have a shared vision for keeping our events warm and fun – that’s all you need. Kim’s the best!

You’ve been flying the DnB flag in Brisbane since the early naughties under the artist name Kosha D. Over that time, you’ve played so many gigs, but what would you say has been one standout gig and why?

There’s been so many fun ones but opening Sun and Bass in 2018, with De La Haye and MC Pab, a world MC from rAdelaide and friend – that has to take the cake…it was special. I actually almost cried a few times whilst on stage, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

As Kosha D, you will have seen so many local Drum and Bass artists that have stood out to you, but can you name one or two from the SE QLD scene that really stood out above the rest, and why?

Operon and Erther, who ran Rude Bwoyz. Individually, Operon is a gifted producer and quality DJ. Erther’s depth of knowledge of music seems to know no bounds and the dude can DJ too. There are also new cats on the scene. Tomix is making some amazing jungle and deep , that are making waves all over the world. DJ wise, Aradale is a gun, as is Mikmac… guys are pushing the digital capabilities of their craft well beyond what was capable with 1200s. I know that’s more than one or two, sorry, there are loads.

For those who are still new to the DnB music scene, can you name a few artists and that might be worth checking out?

Afterthought – Ivy Lab feat. Frank Carter III
Desire – Skeptical feat. Collette Warren
Vanta Black (instrumental) – Benny L
Untitled Horn – Spectrasoul
Trinity – Alix Perez
Brown Paper Bag (Roni SIze Full Vocal Remix) – Roni Size

The 10th birthday of any club event is a special landmark to reach, especially in this industry. What would you say has been the secret to making it so far in Brisbane?

Keep it fun and realise that you’re lucky to be doing what you’re doing. Bring in the young crew, invite them to DJ – we’re all in this together. Let’s just play the music we love, leave inflated egos at the door and boogie. Oh, and don’t get greedy. It’s important to not oversaturate the market with gigs, as happened not long after Junkyard started. It needs to be sustainable.

Finally, it’s safe to assume the 10th birthday is still “just the beginning”. What secrets can you share with us that you have planned for the future with Junkyard Sessions?

We’ll get that boat party up and running at some stage and we’re hosting the Sun and Bass party in Feb, with A-Sides and Patife. De La Haye is heading down to Adelaide for their Sun and Bass pre-party. Aside from that, Kim and I will be playing at festivals throughout the year and I’m in the studio working on some new tunes. We look forward to having some new local DJs coming along to Rumpus Room to play this year that we’ve been chatting with too.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat, Dylan!

You can catch the Junkyard Sessions 10th birthday celebrations this Saturday at the following venues

Junkyard Sessions 10th Birthday Drum & Bass Day Rave
Featuring Ben Soundscape and Collette Warren
Where: Sub Rosa
When: Sat 11th Jan 2020, 1-9pm

Junkyard Sessions 10th Birthday After-Party
Where: Rumpus Room
When: Sat 11th Jan 2020, 8pm-2am
Free Entry


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