by on January 21, 2020

Black AM’s new single is . The triumphant “i am,” with it’s eclectic blend of familiar house and groovy, attributes within, is more than a win as his debut original. Sophistication and an all-original atmosphere go hand in hand as the target mark is nailed with zest within this . Establishing his style more now than ever. The ambitious creator known as Black AM, or Sinclair Wheeler, is adding yet another window of impression to make on the world.

Black AM has been on a life long with music, a peak moment a few years back when MGK picked him up as a touring guitarist during his , fast forward to 2020 and Black AM DJ’s, produces, writes, plays, and much more. With a quintessential jack-off-all- element on and a sound all it’s own, Black AM is staged to make a positive difference on the world.

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Source: House – FreshNewTracks


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