It it has a hot we friend of By The Wavs, . It makes sense since the last track we’ve heard of his, Like This (Radio Mix), came out right before the holidays. This time off did him a lot of good because he has started 2020 with an EP that has me completely obsessed. It is no secret that I have always enjoyed what Sebastian Park has put out. I have even been leaving warnings that you shouldn’t sleep on him. THIS IS WHY.

His latest EP, Vibrate EP, is a two-track heavy hitter. This is what you need to come off the rough few days we have all been dealing with from the news. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I hit play, but he brought me back to the reason I fell in love with music originally. The tracks are full of life and you’ll quickly understand why I am enjoying them so much.

Watching the progression of Sebastian Park’s skill and hearing all of his tracks, this is a culmination of skill, talent, tenacity, and a great ear. I am sitting at work and I feel like I need to hit the latest night club (which isn’t great when you work in the middle of nowhere). I cannot choose a favorite between “Vibrate” and “Keep on Rolling.” They compliment each other very well so go check out Sebastian Park’s Vibrate EP now!

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