ASOT 950 will hit Utrecht on February 15, with the full force of 5 massive stages and over 30 Trance acts including Aly & Fila, Ottaviani 3.0, Key4050, Richard Durand, Solarstone, van Deynhoven Rank 1 (LIVE), Simon Patterson, Ace Ventura, , Estiva, Alexander Popov, ilan , just to name a few.

The set times for all five stages been unveiled. Rank 1 will hit the Mainstage with a thrilling Live set and Giuseppe Ottaviani will be closing the Mainstage with the of his new Live 3.0 show! Armin van Buuren will perform three times throughout the festival, hitting the Mainstage twice for a special “Let The Music You” opening set and massive headlining performance, and he will also appear on the Afraid Of 138?! Stage to take on a breathtaking journey.

30,000 party-goers from over 100 countries will experience a night of mind-blowing music, hands in the air action and unforgettable see the full set times below!

Source: Trance Project


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