The team behind Disco Fiasco, ’s Hot Sunday Records and Buried King, have returned with their next instalment of amazing Soul and tunes; Volume #4.

Disco Fiasco Volume #4 brings tracks from some of the finest Nu Disco artists in Australia at the moment, such as The MilkMan, Buzz William, Ash Knight and Damocracy, Dimitri Z, Aristo G, and Magnifik.

The MilkMan, known in Melbourne for his booty shaking, baby-making and dancefloor navigating sets, starts off the album with his really cruisy soulful sounding track “My Love”. With sultry vocals, cool guitar plucks, and just generally a cool Sunday afternoon funky vibe, “My Love”.

William, hollering from Brisbane, brings a chilled electronic Nu-Disco sound to the album, with an amazing 80s sounding synthesiser track and his own passionate vocals on the tune “Precious Love”. This track really has that opportunity to cross bridges between downtempo chilled disco and that 80s sound popularised by Client Liason.

Ash Knight and Damocracy bring back the serious disco with their track “Disco Infusion”. The track really creates that feeling of what it would have been like in the classic New York disco clubs such as The Gallery or Paradise Garage all those many years ago.

Dimitri Z backs it up with another Nu-Disco hit, “Together”. The sweet-sounding vocals are backed up with amazing horns and a funky bassline and bouncy beat. Dimitri Z is a relatively newcomer to the Melbourne scene, but definitely one to watch out for.

Aristo G has been producing since he was 10 years old, and it’s evident in everything he releases. His track “Sunday Lovin” is no exception to this rule. Taking inspiration from the likes of Jamiroquai and Bee Gees, his track “Sunday Lovin” is much more upbeat compared to the others on the album, with that energetic disco feel but really smooth breakdowns throughout.

And finally, Melbourne producer Adam Madd steps into the remix ring to bring a funky disco-house version of Magnifik’s amazing release “Just Keep It”. The bouncy electronic beat combines with cool piano riffs and a deep disco yet slightly grungy sound to really give the original an interesting house twist. While another relatively new name in the Melbourne scene, Adam Madd is no stranger to the Disco Fiasco family, remixed other artists on this label such as Brisbane-based BoogieKnights.

Disco Fiasco: Volume #4 is out on 13th February on Disco Fiasco Records.


Volume #4 – Coming SoonFeaturing artists:The MilkMan, Ash Knight Music, Damocracy, Buzz William, Dimitri Z, Aristo G and Magnifik

Posted by Disco Fiasco Records on Wednesday, 8 January 2020


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