We see you , two and to in to those beats… but that’s nothing compared to a trucker that was pulled over for speeding and having a, get this, recording in the cabin.

It all went down in the US of A when a Washington State trooper pulled over a speeding trucker when he discovered the home-brew recording studio.

A trooper from the precinct, C. Thorson uploaded a pic to Instagram that shows a computer screen with some mixing software, mouse, headphones and according to an additional statement, a microphone hanging from the roof of the cabin… oh and also a bag of unidentified white powder.

Adding, “Just when you thought you have heard it all…..Trooper Trombley stopped a semi truck driver for speeding (17 over),” wrote Thorson. “After arresting the driver for suspicion of DUI/drugs, he found out that the suspect produces/records music while driving down the highway.”

Things we support, making beats, things we don’t support so much, getting cooked, speeding in a truck and making beats.

… oh and an ode to driving music below

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music


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