Leaving 2019 behind with all holidays, here comes the opener of 2020 with magnificent and his second EP on called Parade Of Planets. This one comes with Oliver Deutschmann on board with chord remix on one of the originals.

With a career of over 15 years in the game, the kingpin is showing no signs of slowing down, in fact, he’s bringing up the tempo and getting that gurgling acid out on this new EP entitled Parade of Planets.

Consisting of four tracks, ‘Sadr’ starts off with the perfect tempo to get you onto the dancefloor with its piercing acid bassline. Up next is Oliver Deutschmann’s Zodiak Corrosion mix of ‘Sadr’. This version takes up the original mix to a brand new level of energy with its powerful chords and crashing hi-hats.

The sound of the third track ‘Nahn’ is a growling DJ techno-tool, driving the dance floor to its peak madness. It keeps you on edge for what feels like an eternity, dying for a certain explosion that would allow your body to go wild.

Finally, ‘Rigor’ ends the EP by easing you in, allowing the music to take control of your body and flow through your veins. This cut is living proof of techno tunes that can be powerful despite breaking the traditional 4/4 metric. A perfect melancholic ending to this deeply atmospheric release.

Tom Hades’ Parade Of Planets will hit the stores via Korpus 9 this 28th February.



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