Off the back of a dreamy new album a bustling and colourful essential mix from Canadian native Dan Snaith aka . The mix isn’t just a collection of sounds curated by the man himself but packed full of exclusives from his Daphni alias, new Jamie xx as well as unreleased Nathan Fake and Floating Points.


The mix certainly matches the mood of Caribou with visual soundscapes filtered with loud disco cuts as well as moog-y and analog sounds with scatterings of more challenging electronic pieces never really destined for radio.

New Jamie xx is pretty special as well dropping around the 1:48:00 mark if you skip along in the mix (why would you ?). Dubbed “Idontknow” you’ll pick up on those drums ’ve come to love before a wobbly bassline and chopped vocals lead into some heavy paced action.

While surprising this is where we hear new Jamie XX, it actually makes total sense with Jamie and Caribou close friends, recently going b2b with Ben UFO (playing in Australia soon) for Floating Points’ NTS takeover to celebrate his new album late year.

Now… to see Caribou back in Australia this year right? Check out the tracklisting and mix below.

Caribou Essential Mix 2020 Tracklisting

Koreless & Floating Points – Joy x Karakul
Lanier – 25 Hours (Daphni Edit)
René & Angela – I Love You More (Daphni Edit)
EYE – Density
TESTPATTERN & Paul Johnson – Souvenir Glace x I’m Alone Until You Show Me
Midas T – Who’s This?
Fango – Admire
Neba Solo – Can 2002
Daphni & Logic1000 – Climbing x DJ Logic Please Forgive Me
Daphni – Clavicle
Donnell Pitman – Do You Want Me (Daphni Edit)
Shirley Lites – Heat You Up Melt You Down
Stone Cold Classics – Untitled (Vocal Mix)
Daphni – Do Without You
Lifelike – Discomachine
Ludacris – The Potion
Daphni & Grain – Fridizzle x Untitled (Turn the Down)
DJ Falcon – Untitled
DJ Rush – Stomp
Kevin McCord – Never Say (Daphni Edit)
Wookie – Battle
(feat. Lain)
Rosalia – De Aqui No Sales (Cap.4: Disputa) (Pearson Sound Edit)
Logic1000 – Unknown
Caribou – Ravi
Daphni – Time Enough
Jesse Gould – Out of Work (Sam FP’s Birthday Dub For Dan Mix)
Oliver Coates – Charlev
Instinct – Someone
Sadhana Sargam – Saat Samunder Paar (Daphni Edit)
Nathan Fake – Eris & Dysnomia
Midas T & Kraftwerk – Who’s This? x Kometenmelodie
Daphni – Divaar
Levon Vincent – Marry Kill
Caribou – Never Come Back
Flukes – Wifey Riddim
DJ Rush – Stomp
KW Griff – Be Ya Girl
Jamie xx – Idontknow
Jonny L & Floating Points – Tychonic Cycle x Karakul
Caribou – Magpie

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music

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