Weird are , as of us are now during this strange time of social distancing. Fortunately, we’re still getting an influx of good , and WE ARE FURY‘s latest single, “Nothing” from their forthcoming , should help quell the quarantine fever.

“Nothing” is the second single from the group’s upcoming album, following up on February’s “Running Back To You.” Featuring the soulful, touching vocals of Kyle Reynolds, “Nothing” is the perfect sonic remedy to raise your spirits at home. Boasting flawless vocal chops topped over light synths, both of the song’s breaks are offer equal doses of euphoria, matched with an infectious chorus.

tells DA, “‘Nothing’ is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. It’s our first real stab at a record. The track is about a relationship that you think is ‘it’ but ends abruptly and you’re left with all these questions. It’s extremely hard on the heart. The gold necklace is taken from a lyric in the second verse and became a centerpiece of the art.” Listen below.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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