Against The Clock is a we an 10 in the and see come up with. 

Yehaiyahan is just one of the many faces of prolific Shanghai producer and vocalist ChaCha, who cut her teeth in the legendary bass collective Uprooted Sunshine.

Over the years she has collaborated with The Bug, Kode9 and Nick Hook, as well as many of the key players in the Chinese underground hip-hop scene, including MC Webber, J-Fever (aka Xiao Laohu), Purple Soul, and Soulspeak. In 2017 she released an album under her experimental moniker Faded Ghost on the future-facing Shanghai label .

For this week’s edition of The Clock, constructs a creeping, eerie composition using a loop station, her iPad and Russian synth manufacturer SOMA’s unique pipe synthesizer, with which she was able to lay down a drum sound, hi-hats and a spooky, reverb-heavy vocal line using only her voice.

Yehaiyahan will release a new EP this summer – for more information you can follow her on Instagram.

Filmed by Kynan Puru-Watt.

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Source: FACT Magazine


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