I don’t know about you all, I have been stir without getting my lifts on and being able leave the house. It is a difficult time the whole industry, but when in doubt, leave it to the artists. This is where the homie, Sebastian Park came the pandemic from 3020. He has decided this was the best time ever to start a podcast featuring an hour-long mix called Nū Wav Radio. , I may have to claim some credit with the wav, but Sebastian Park is doing it big. This is an absolute must for your next -off-dance-off going on in your house! I say I was dancing on the couch until I was told to get down when playing this mix. I know you will do the same. There are not only major on this track, but I love the tracks specifically from Sebastian Park whether were solo projects or collabs. This is a must-listen. Check it out now!

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The Embarrassing Rowdy Gentlemen who befriends the worthy. I love going to shows. I love all music. I love having a good time. You can always find me a bar or club. My drink of choice: Double Maker’s Mark on the . Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @ByTheWavs

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