‘People Wanna’ is blowing up the airwaves across reputable tech house channels lately. The debut by Boiish packs that urgency and deep bassline that will perk up your ears instantly. With a dynamic tech house beat and unqiue mood its instictual to get to this.

Boiish ‘People Wanna’

Listen to ‘People Wanna’ by Boiish:

Boiish is a fine-tuned duo birthed from debately the hottest electronic music spots in the world Miami, Florida. After years of swapping tracks as desktop DJs they just recently started making their own imprint on the scene. With support from a loyal following and landing plays on “Friday Cratediggers” and “Fresh Finds” playlists the duo is off to a great start.

To find out Boiish is really all about we reached out for an exclusive interivew.

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Please give us a little insight into your creative process for creating your debut single ‘People Wanna’.  

When we first started working on music together, we experimented with more of an indie-tronica sound. We were recording live & guitar tracks and had a live format in mind for our future performances. However, we were also learning how to DJ at the same time, and we started throwing parties and for our friends. As we started to polish our DJ skills, gain more traction as a DJ duo and play real gigs, we found that when in this format, we gravitated towards a more bassy, tech house vibe. We decided to start making original songs that we could play during our DJ sets. We wanted to incorporate our groovy basslines and moody vocal samples with that bouncy work to create a unique sound that makes people want to dance! And thus, our first original tech house record “People Wanna” was created!

During your recent sets, what tracks have really been setting off the dancefloor? 

Here are a few promising heaters that have been in our rotation lately: 

  • All My People In The House – Claude
  • Bounce Yo Body – Ghettoblaster, Chris Larsen, DJ Dagwood
  • Free Your Body – Chris Lake, Solardo 
  • Remedy – Ferreck Dawn
  • Vibrate – Sonny Fodera, Biscits

For more, check out our mix series “Nothing Fancy” on Soundcloud. We include our recent favorites in those mixes and post all Track IDs. 

How do you guys feed off each other during a live set? 

We hype each other up and feed off of each other’s energy. While we have created this project together, our individual personalities, inspirations and creative perspectives can differ. This is ultimately what shapes our unique dynamic as a duo. So, during our DJ sets, we really embrace that and encourage each other to just be ourselves and let loose, allowing our genuine energy to just flow. We try to take in the atmosphere, the crowd and the mood, and make that energy , staying true to the sounds we love while allowing ourselves to experiment with new tracks and incorporate elements from different genres. We create a unique journey based on how we vibe off of each other and of course, the crowd throughout each set. When one of us gets excited, so does the other, we really converse with each other during the set with our energy and body language/excitement. 

What is one life lesson you have learned you can share with our readers? 

Don’t be discouraged by others’ initial judgment of you. We are constantly trying to learn and grow as artists and further develop ourselves, and it’s just really important that we do not limit ourselves based on other people’s expectations or opinions. You have to really enjoy the journey you’re on, because if you don’t others will see that, it starts with yourself.

What is one thing you have learned about DJing? 

It’s all about having fun. If you are having a good time, the crowd is going to pick up on that energy and it will circulate throughout the room. Ultimately, we try not to take ourselves too or compare ourselves to other artists. We just want to be ourselves and that way it still feels like we are just throwing dance parties for our friends. That’s why we curate our Nothing Fancy mix series, it’s our no frills way of getting people moving and having fun.

photo credit Boiish

What is your favorite late night meal?


Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme, Fresco 


Black Cherry White Claw

What have been 3 of your favorite sets to attend? 


It’s really hard to limit myself to 3 favorite “sets” but I would say some of the most inspiring shows I’ve seen would be: Odesza at Coachella 2018, Gorgon City (live set and dj set) at Electric Forest 2019, at The Ground, Art Basel Miami 2018, and first runner up, Phish at MSG 12/29/2019. 


Rufus @ Okee

Jamie Jones @ Space

Odesza @ Ultra

What is house music to you? 


To me, house music, in all of its different forms, is a feeling, an overwhelming sense of joy and soul. It heals in times of pain, it gives people hope and sense of purpose – it forces us to dance even when we think we can’t. It, makes the lows high and the highs higher. 


House music tells a story that can be interpreted universally. Even if there are no words.

Keep your eye our for Boiish’s sophomore release and an exclusive thatDROP mix in the near future. Show Amanda and Kristin some love by following them on their social media handles linked below.

Find Boiish Online: 

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