The headline isn’t telling you anything new, is it. If you’re like the of us, staying social means relying on technologies to stay in touch.

Carl Cox's Cabin Fever – Episode 3

Cabin Fever – Vinyl Session 003 … Into another music journey together ️

Posted by Carl Cox on Sunday, 5 April 2020

The sudden changes in life means apps like Zoom, Houseparty, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and Skype skyrocketed. So much that some of these services are struggling to keep up with the demand. Apps like Zoom and Houseparty have become the target for zero-day hackers who are looking to exploit security flaws in the programs, and other apps like Facebook Messenger and Skype have seen a reduction in quality of video calls to cater for the increased load. Even Microsoft Teams, a platform built for video collaboration, is struggling with the demand. “Quarantinis” has become the new word for online social catchups on Friday and Saturday nights – and even some weeknights.

Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook Live have become a breeding ground of DJs looking to stretch their metaphorical arms on decks. And every second DJ is now live-streaming sets from their homes, from the backyard bedroom guy to Carl Cox. Even OzClubbers’ founder, Adam Madd, has taken to streaming sets online.

The proliferation of online DJing around the world during these troubling times means there is a grand selection of DJs now for the average person to listen to at just about and time of the day. Of course, these platforms are struggling too, with Facebook recently announcing that the available bandwidth for Facebook Live would be reduced during this -19 crisis, therefore the quality also decreasing. Decreasing quality is not always a nice thing you’re enjoying music. And of course, there’s the DJs who are just using their phones to stream, meaning the audio is terrible.

But there are streams as well! With that in mind, we’ve created a reddit dedicated to those great streams!

We are interested in hearing what you are doing to pass the time while in isolation. Some people are learning a new language, some people are teaching themselves new musical or artistic talents, some are binging on Netflix, others have bought a PS4 and started gaming.

There’s even facebook groups of people who are getting taken dressed up in costume just to take the garbage bins out!

But we’re interested in what have you been doing to keep sane during isolation? No matter how rediculous it may seem, lets hear it! Post in the thread below…


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