I have no idea what day of the it is for me at this rate. There are no dates as there is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. With that, we have our boy, Sebastian Park with 2 of Nū Wav . you didn’t check out the debut, I recommend you start there for an incredible doubleheader. Between the last one and then following into this one, you have two of great music. This is the type of music along with all live streams that are giving me life.

What I love is that Sebastian Park is playing an eclectic assortment of artists. You’ll hear artists M-22, MIMO, Jonas Blue, and more! This is a great radio station that has dropped twice in the last 3 weeks. Check out for this great mix to start next couch rave session up especially heading into the weekend…is it the weekend?

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The Embarrassing Rowdy Gentlemen who befriends the worthy. I love going to shows. I love all music. I love having a good time. You can find me at a bar or club. My drink of choice: Maker’s Mark on the rocks. free to follow me on Twitter: @ByTheWavs

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