If it didn’t catch your attention on during Armin van Buuren’s 950 warm-up set or on the latest episode of ASOT, it’ll be stuck on replay from day forward.

Never failing to mind-blowing musical experiences that keep you on the edge of your seat, Charlotte de Witte’s Trance remix of ‘ That Sucker Down’ brings the anthem to a whole new level, providing a solid banger for the Trance junkies.

Bursting with euphoric strength, enrapturing you instantly, If you fancy a modern-day trip down memory lane, this is it!

“Remixing a classic is something that always feels extremely honorable and rewarding to me. While remixing Jerome Isma-Ae, I decided to aim for two different remixes. One would respect the massive trance lead and of the original, while the other would be faster and more stripped down, bringing forward the techno that I so much,” Charlotte de Witte says on her new renditions.

A solid Trance Remix, created of a highly addictive tune!

Listen to Charlotte de Witte’s Trance Remix below.

Buy/Stream Charlotte de Witte’s Remix here

Source: Trance Project


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