Last year, at Amsterdam Dance Event, Point Blank hooked up with the producer, Tom Hades, to film an exclusive . This masterclass was hosted by the techno platform 50:HERTZ and sees the -based producer take a much and direct approach to sharing his wisdom. He led a Q&A style show and tell of his production secrets where the audience was encouraged to ask anything and everything they were curious about production-wise. There is lots to learn here for those looking to brush up on their production techniques and methods as well as get a glimpse at the techno legend’s Live sets, favourite plugins and more.

Tom Hades has become something of an icon within the techno scene. With 23-years industry experience under his belt and numerous releases on some renowned International labels, the Belgian has a great deal to share. If you’d like more exclusive masterclasses like this one, Point Blank’s London school can help. They’re offering a free extra module up to £1,995 when you sign up to one of their London courses – so be sure to enrol by 18th May.

During the video, Hades gives essential mixing tips on sampling, how he layers his kick drums (noting how many are for optimum punch) as well as how you can make your percussion easily cut through your mix. In addition to this, he demonstrates his favourite methods for separating frequencies and the tools he uses to make his sound so clean. For those of you have trouble finishing your tracks, he drops some great time-saving tips on how to finish the songs you believe in. Want more Tom hades tutorials? Check out their previous masterclass with the artist where he makes a techno track from .

Source: Only Techno


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