I got a throwback to share you all. As I sit here in what like my second quarantined, I look out at sunsets with pure relaxation. This track by Arma Puros was recently sent to me and it fits this occasion so ideally.

This is that melodic dubstep that throws down while holding onto you so gently. Arma Puros’s piano ability is what stands out in this track. He takes us on this journey which is so beautiful. I was drinking wine while listening and it felt so right. In fact, I found myself listening to this whole album as I was swept away with the track. I cannot this has been out for 5 years and I am just finding out it now.

Take a and just listen to Timelines. You are in your house. You want an album that will really hit your emotions, just go for it! Let me how it goes because I know you are to enjoy it just as much as I did!

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