What is the best way to find the energy for raves? of you take for having the best of raves, while some of you are getting high by music, either way, everyone will agree that wider masses don’t see words rave and standing together.

Here are some things you find useful.

Eat before rave

First and definitely the most important is to eat properly ahead of the rave (and not after) as it will give body energy to stay on your feet dancing through the night. Even Capriati said the food kept him going when he played 24 hours long set.

Bananas and

Water is always important on rave, whether you are taking drugs or not, because good hydration because of sweating is important for having good energy. The goes with bananas, eat one or two ahead of night out, remember all those tennis players eating bananas.

Exercise at least once per week to boost your stamina

As funny as it sounds, this may come in handy, and it may be walking, or running on a treadmill.

Find the crowd who loves techno as as you do

The best is not to rave alone, especially if you have interested in techno and raves as much as you are. Seeing your friends dance will give each other energy and boost your for a night of dancing.

Source: Techno Station


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