Many bass music fans are aware of the name Gold Dubs, primarily due to the line ups he graces both within his hometown Birmingham, as well as further afield. With his elite productions, he’s firmly cemented himself within the drum & bass trophy cabinet, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed, especially with him being a defining face of the UK market. Part of his defining face is Born On Road where he has played a key role as one of the labels main producers since the launch of the label through to now when he is just about to unleash one of the biggest LPs of 2020.

Welcoming a huge array of special guests into the mix to have their take on the Born on Road sound, Gold Dubs has used his vast influence to pull in a versatile mix of collaborators. With his support ranging across the likes of BBC Radio 1 and A-list international artists releasing on top tier record labels, as well his part in growing an identifiable like Born on Road, his selections the forthcoming ‘Champagne & Asparagus’ LP will stand as one of the most monumental achievements seen this year from the drum & bass movement.

The ‘Champagne & Asparagus’ album is a highly eclectic package, with figures such as Jman & Joe alongside Gold Dub’s expert fashioning of subgenres. Jago & Kusher then joins the list for ‘So Ya Feel’, whilst Jman & Joe Burn make a return for ‘Bad to the End’. Renowned for his part in Born on Road too, Aries offers ‘ Vibrations’ with Gold Dubs, meanwhile Adjua and Euphonique present ‘Memory Lane’ and ‘Tiger Balm’. The collection’s title-track ‘Champagne & Asparagus’ follows in quick succession Selecta J-Man and Cheshire Cat, pursued by Blackout Ja on vocals for ‘Gangsta Life’. A presentation is then given by Gold Dubs for ‘Body Fusion’, whilst DR. Meaker lends a hand with another appearance from Cheshire Cat on ‘Chronic’. Stivs stands as the final guest through ‘Virus’; bringing to a close a weighty number of cuts – one which is surely a monumental part of Born on Road’s flourishing ancestry.

When you look at Born on Road’s expansion over the last few years, it’s easy to see how an album of this calibre comes as no surprise for the brand’s fans. However, Gold Dubs has ensured that through his amalgamation of styles and artists, it’ll go on to raise the bar even further for Born on Road. Something which before would have seemed impossible for the bass music underground, but it’s exactly what the imprint has achieved without breaking commercial pressure. That’s why they’re still so lauded by fans across the world.

In recent years Gold Dubs has cemented his position the elite within the bass music scene and carries a reputation for effortlessly blending between its many sub-genres to great effect.
As well as having worked with A-list international artists and released music on top-tier record labels, Gold Dubs also sits on the board of directors as one quarter of the ‘Born On Road’ collective/label (alongside Aries, Kelvin 373 & Stivs) where they not only top draw music but also tour the worlds clubs/festivals showing you exactly how it should be done.



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