Let me tell you how I appreciate Sebastian Park. He shared with us the first and second episodes of Nu Wave Radio prior and now he is back with number three! These episodes have been on my for the last weeks as I have been trying to get back into shape after gaining the Covid-19 Pounds with all the cookies and pastries.

This is the mix you need to get you hyped through this very difficult time. This is why I appreciate Sebastian Park. He is our shining light in a very dark time. This is a fire mix with some of my favorite artists as The Magician, Autograf, and some great Sebastian Park originals. This is why if you have not been paying attention, listen to the mix, and then check out the first and episodes. Check out the mix now and let me know what you think about this fire.

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The Embarrassing Rowdy Gentlemen who befriends the worthy. I love going to shows. I love all music. I love having a good time. You can always find me at a bar or club. My drink of choice: Double Maker’s Mark on the rocks. Feel free to follow me on : @ByTheWavs

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