Hey you.. Yeah you.. What have you done for the culture lately?

I’ve lived and had the honour of playing in every state capitol (with the exception of Radilaide) and without a doubt Melbourne’s electronic music scene stands head and shoulders above the rest. While the harbour city hold a special place in my , there is something about the unapologetic tenacity of Melbourne’s purveyors of underground sounds that shines just that bit brighter than the rest. Karol Pabich aka Qontent is one curator of the culture.

I first encountered Karol at Stomping Ground. A free entry, open decks Drum & Bass night at Melbourne’s Sub Club promoted through his event brand Ambit. I have massive respect for promoters that run free events. your budget is limited to the love of the music and a passion to bring like minded heads together it’s the scene reaps the profits. Ambit’s contribution doesn’t end there. Some from the past 12 months include shows from Klinical, Maduk and Benny L (Metalheadz).

It has been almost two years since Strictly Deep DNB, a Dutch drum and bass label for the more techy minimal sreleased it’s last various artists EP “Reflection”. “Lexicon”, a product of Karol’s production alter ego Qontent appears on the eagerly awaited follow up “Perspective”, released 6. A detuned reporter’s expose on the secrets language of elephants sets the scene for crisp, stripped back production. Qontent’s next level ability to create tension, drive and interest with so few elements is and the bass line will keep the most jaded heads happy.

Perspective” is available through Strictly Deep DNB’s bandcamp page at a price of your choosing. Show your love with cash, the music that supports you. The legends at SDDNB have made “Lexicon” available as a on his Soundcloud page. More proof that its love of the music that motivates curator of Melbourne DNB culture.

Strictly Deep DNB
Bandcamp: strictlydeepdnb.bandcamp.com/album/perspective
FB Page: www.facebook.com/StrictlyDeepDNBFB
Group: www.facebook.com/groups/strictlydeepdnb/

Soudcloud: @qontent
Facebook: www.facebook.com/qontentdnb

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ambitdnb/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ambitdnb/


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