Modern electronic innovator Tourist has shared a collaboration with fellow electronicist The Range dubbed “Last”.

Tourist has been active of late with not one but two albums last year ( and Wild) as well as a reworks EP of his buzzing single ”. For The Range though, it’s a welcome return from his 2016 album ‘Potential’ from a slightly under-discovered EP last year.

The ‘Potential’ album was special in the sense that The Range found videos online with little to no views and with those individuals to create a -length release – a must-watch for fans of sampling!

The track is everything you’d expect from two sonically with percussion showered across spongey chords and a beautifully chopped vocal that cuts through like a hot knife.

Turns out the track was kicked off a years ago and proved something of deeper meaning with as Tourist explains;

“Last” to me, is a reflection on grief. I started this track with James a few years ago, and while writing it we noticed that we were hearing the lyric differently, I was hearing “you know you’re lost” whereas James was hearing “you know you last”. The duality of that truth resonated with me, as both meanings are applicable when someone leaves us. It has struck a personal chord recently, as recently one of my dearest friends passed away very suddenly.”

Take a listen on Spotify or ;

That, or watch the video below;

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music


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