This past and coming weekend brings Awakenings at the Gashouder in Amsterdam, where it all began one night in 1997. So far Reinier Zonneveld, Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer, Nina Kraviz, Joris Voorn, Pan-Pot, ANNA, and Bart Skils delivered a forward-thinking selection on a full sound system (at least for themselves and a lucky few).

July 3rd brings , The 4th of July sees Rebekah and Speedy J then Kölsch come Sunday. Enjoy getting to know more about the while tuning into their Awakenings 2020 set and select singles. Head to Awakenings YouTube for all the sets and interviews.

Reinier Zonneveld, Netherlands (Bio)

Nina Kraviz, Siberia (Bio)


  1. 00-00 -secret weapon (sorry guys) 
  2. 3.35- Vladimir Dubyshkin (upcoming on )
  3. 5.00 -Vladimir Dubyshkin-Deaf Artist (soon out on trip)
  4. 7.45 -Blawan-Rain-Ternesc
  5. 9.30-Vladimir Dubyshkin-Driving the bus (trip)
  6. 12.30-Antigone-jam ()
  7. 16.00-Wave Corners-Even Mike (Dissolver remix) -hot steel (trip)
  8. 20.00-Cerrot-A bit off (upcoming on trip)
  9. 21.30 -Nina Kraviz-all his decisions (upcoming on trip)
  10. 25.00- Vladimir Dubyshkin-The return of the drunken son (upcoming on trip)
  11. 29.00-AADJA-Thought dealer (upcoming on trip)
  12. 34.00-(sorry guys I ripped it from the vinyl which I left in my other home and can’s remember what it is:)
  13. 36.00-(same story as the one )
  14. 39.00- THE NOMMOS-Whatever
  15. 42.00-AADJA-unreleased 
  16. 44.00-PTU-Red Green Blue Communications-hot steel – (trip)
  17. 47.00-PTU-Black Smokers (trip )
  18. 50.00-PTU -unreleased (upcoming on trip)
  19. 51.00-Cerrot-unreleased (upcoming on trip)
  20. 55.00 -Vladimir Dubyshkin-unreleased
  21. 59.00-AADJA-Ear Bubbles (upcoming on trip)
  22. 1.01.-Antigone-unreleased
  23. 1.04.Flug aka Sebastian Lopez-non stop-hot steel (trip)
  24. 1.08- Deniro-unreleased , upcoming on trip
  25. 1.10-Deniro -unreleased and upcoming on trip
  26. 1.14.-Deniro-unreleased 1.16. Cerrot -unreleased
  27. 1.17-Cerrot unreleased, upcoming on trip
  28. 1.20- Nina Kraviz-хз -hot steel (trip)  
  29. 1.23-Gesloten Cirkel-fairness -hot steel (trip )
  30. 1.25-m.o.d.u.l. machine -kreatur-hot steel (trip)
  31. 1.27.Dr. Pravda-Herzschrittmacher

Amelie Lens, Belgium (Bio)

Adam Beyer, Sweden (Bio)

Joris Voorn, Netherlands (Bio)

Pan-Pot, Germany (Bio

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