you have not caught on by now, I am a big fan of Sebastian ’s Nu Wav Radio. Seriously. Go check out episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 or start with this one. Needless say, you can see that I am partial to his mixes. I have always really felt partial to artist mixes and podcasts cause my playlists over the years have just become never-ending and lost all themes behind it.

With Nu Wav radio, I really a diverse look into so different artists that I am not as familiar with. Of course, there are some major within the – Tiesto, Nervo, Romero, and more, but there are also artists that I am not as familiar with. This is one of the biggest reasons I just obsess over these mixes and feel like I need to share. ’re perfect for any situation too. I’ve listened to this during my quarantine solo couch raves along with my long runs and trips to the gym. Do yourself a favor and just listen. Plain and simple!

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