In the newest installment of “Catch A New Wav,” we interview the producer/DJ, LUNDØN.

LUNDØN is a Manhattan-based electronic dance music DJ duo that recently formed within the last . Consisting of Justin Peeling and Jeff Updike (formerly known as Stvylight), the pair’s first time working with one another was on last October’s “Whoever’s Next” alongside Reece Young and Brandon Elgar. Reeling off its success and wanting to take things further, they eventually decided to link up with one another to form LUNDØN, marking their first release with “Don’t Turn This Car Around.”

We learn a bit about them.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?
A: Justin: Some of my biggest influences vary. I’m hugely inspired by KISS and other Vans Warped Tour bands like Sleeping with Sirens and I See Stars. I also like rap like Juice WRLD. One of the main producers that I look up to are The Chainsmokers. I think Drew from the Chainsmokers is a phenomenal songwriter.

Jeff: Some of my influences include Kill The Noise, Koan Sound, Apashe, Mefjus,Noisia, Zomboy, Joe Ford, and Phase One.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a musician?
A: Justin: Looking up to people that we’ve listened to for years then getting to meet them in person and build a friendship with them, or even work on music together.

Jeff: Being an artist can be a very empowering thing because you can give people a full range of emotions from headbanging to crying to self-reflection and more and that’s why I love it so .

Q: Who is you wanted to work with?
A: Justin: I’ve always wanted to work with Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon or Stanley from KISS. Both of them specifically really shaped me as an artist/musician and influenced me to this day.

Jeff: Kill the Noise because he really got me into electronic music and is one of my biggest musical inspirations.

Q: To date, what’s your most memorable music moment?
A: Justin: My most memorable moment was when I was 16 and Max Green from Escape the Fate and Falling In Reverse came and stayed at my house for a week. It was so insane at the time because I had never met anyone that played for the bands I looked up to and here he was in person. I remember he posted on Twitter looking for people to jam with and I emailed him a video of me playing. I didn’t think anything of it, but next thing I know I get an email back saying he is on the next flight out. To this day he remains one of my good friends and anytime I need advice/help with something he’s one of my go-to people.

Jeff: My most memorable moment was the first time Justin and I ever played a show together in Omaha, NE. We played out “Whoever’s Next” track; and, while, we were playing, the whole crowd started singing all the words and for a moment I cut the volume and just let the crowd . It was a very intense moment for me.

Q: What does the immediate future hold for you in your artistic career?
A: Right now, we’re working on more music that we’re planning to release later this year that’s a lot heavier, incorporating dubstep and rock. We’re just trying to be better artists than we were the day before and always try to branch out and experiment with new sounds and styles. I don’t know where we’re to end up, but we’re more excited about the journey rather than the destination.

Enjoy a new release below and follow them here.

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