his Teeth In.”

Electronic music phenom Flux Pavilion presents his newest anthem ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ featuring up-and-coming indie-pop vocalist Drowsy.

Flux’s recent collaboration with Feed Me and Meesh ‘Survive’, was another inspired example of the producer’s new sound. Moving into 2020, Flux Pavilion has noticeably been exploring a whole new world, building his own electric guitars and synths plus immersing himself in an array of analogue equipment. With ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ this transition is becoming ever present.

Flux Pavilion enlists Drowsy, who appeared on CloudNone’s ‘Miss Being Happy’ earlier this summer. Her silky vocals accompany his trademark catchy melodies in the pair’s newest anthem. This one is another suprising taste off the forthcoming Flux Pavilion album, which will be landing at the end of 2020.

Source: OZ EDM: Electronic Dance Music News Australia


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