The latest in our series of comes talented up and coming producer Joss Ifan.

Growing up in south-east , Joss Ifan a variety of musical influences and became involved in the garage and grime scenes of New Cross and Deptford whilst at school. Playing a variety of instruments, from steel drums to synthesizers, he eventually settled on the bass guitar and toured across Europe as a session musician.

Wanting to capture the raw energy of Berlin techno with the groove of London nightlife Joss released his first solo record in 2020. This culmination of musical influences, from J Dilla to Burial, has resulted in his productions combining an uncompromising perspective with the coarse palette of London dance music.

His new Idio EP is out tomorrow, August 21st and available on Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport & SoundCloud.

We believe that the tracks will be a sort of refreshment all around the globe and that’s why we are presenting the EP exclusively below. the listen and don’t forget to support the artist.

: Only Techno


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