LV Premier – JARC – Love Ecstasy [Jarc Sounds]

Jarc are a hot new name on the with a bit of a mysterious history behind them. Their first EP established them as a name to look out for and their second EP, which has just landed, confirms that they are a name that we should definitely be getting excited .

Our premier today from the EP Love Ecstacy where they rework elements of Change’s disco classic Paradise beefing it up and it firmly in 2020 perfectly designed for the peak-time on the funkiest of dancefloors.

The EP also has an gem of a rework of Roy Ayer’s We live in Brooklyn, Baby which they have taken deep and looped up to perfection Moodymann style.

You can grab the release via:

Jarc also put together a brilliant mix for us which you can check below and grab some more info on HERE. We have a full interview incoming with Jarc in a few days time so make sure you check back for that.

For more info please check:

Jarc Facebook:
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Jarc Instagram:

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