Cologne-based Patrik broke into the scene back in 20 with his unique spin on techno. Signed to a number of top labels including Intec and Filth On Acid, he describes his sound as something which can make people dance. “His raw sound with emotional melodies and lyrics really touched me when I listened to it.” Monica said.


The latest EP ‘Like Forever’ combines trance like melodies, growling FX and warehouse drums in a soulful meleé of emotive mind music. Tribal rhythms, spoken word vocals and splashy percussive underbelly complete the picture.

Monika adds her magic touch to the remix of the lead track, teasing out the main motifs and a large dose of her own personality. ‘Hope’ is a whirlwind of arps and kettledrum kicks that create a expansive soundscape that hypnotises you by stealth.

Source: Techno Station

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