Up-and-coming Las Vegas-based , Justa Faze his off of his EP, “Dirty Filas.” After several recent SoundCloud releases, including “Snake,” “Radio Time Travel,” and “I’ll Do It,” brings us his new track that features distorted and glitchy vocal cuts from Liam McKanna. A catchy beat slowly trickles into the track, with an electronic 8-bit-esque sounds and an amazing flowing melody that effortlessly rounds out the four-minute release. A quintessential future bass jam, the atmospheric track sounds nearly identical to any 80’s arcade video game, which suits it well as it serves as McKanna’s first single off of his aptly-titled debut 5-track “Arcade Games” EP. The EP that is slated for release this Fall and should continue to incorporate Justa ’s signature style.

Enjoy the new release below and follow Justa Faze for more.

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