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On Phases Triptych, rising Copenhagen duo Code Walk return to Peder Mannerfelt Produktion to consolidate their high velocity sound with an array of diverse influences, situating themselves squarely along the hardcore continuum while nodding to the more melodic corners of ’90s IDM.

Split over three EPs, Walk consider Phases Triptych to be their debut album “split into three pieces”. For each EP the duo collaborated with visual artist on a series of three compositions that make up each of the release’s cover art. “To us his works has a dark and unpleasant vibe that still has a touch of humour”, they explain, “which is something we can relate to”.


It was these artworks that became the inspiration for the unsettling video for ‘Melt’, which sees Code Walk providing the pummelling soundtrack for a series of sinister pagan rituals, evoking a dark energy seething through a mysterious rural landscape.

The first part of Phases Triptych, Separate, is out now, while Guide and Aim are available to pre-order at the Bandcamp. For more information about Eigil Bakdal Jørgensen and his work, you can follow him on Instagram.

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Source: FACT Magazine


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