Cred. Excision

Those of you who tuned in to Couch Episode 3 were welcomed with a treat, when Excision played his first ever virtual show, he brought out the big cannon and announced his new label: SUBSIDIA. 2020 has been a wild ride for new releases, but could have prepared us for the madness that Canadian producer Excision released. 

Today, Subsidia released 3 albums and Excision’s debut Subsidia set, which totals over 120 new tracks for bass heads, headbangers, and ravers everywhere.

Cred: Subsidia

Dusk the first album, features the bleeding of experimental dubstep and bass, featuring artists such as STUCA, Ruvlo, and many others.

Cred: Subsidia

Night” features the head crushing sounds of the heavier side of dubstep, beckoning the guttural sounds of YOOKIE, UBUR, Lizzy Jane and more!

Cred: Subsidia

“Dawn” brings the more melodic and lyrical acts in bass, calling on the talents of Dion Timmer, YDG, Ray Volpe, and much more.

Subsidia will feature of the names in bass and the best up and comers that will leave the earth shaking. Strap in, hold on tight, and prepare for Subsidia‘s takeover of all things dubstep!

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