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The first single from Andreas Henneberg’s new album, “All Now” is ready to go. No doubt, the track “Better” is an emotional journey rolling grooves meeting melancholic synths and soft percussions, paired with the light vocals of his close friend Stefan Krogmann. Andreas gives us a track with a kind of an indefinable genre-bending sound, both fitting beautiful festival sunsets and on your earphones when daydreaming away.

And then we take another turn. Everyone’s favorite techno-sloth has joined in a fresh interpretation on the track. We are of course about Sacha Robotti! Head of the label “Slothacid” and based out of LA, this guy is loved and celebrated for his take on techno and house. And Robotti’s remix of “Better” is just that. Driving and powerful the tune is seated properly within the techno genre. The groove pulsates toward the break, leaving us suspenseful and craving before the sweet when the bass kicks in again. the remix being an excellent counterpart to the original, this single definitely showcases the range of music SNOE and Andreas stands for. So let us look forward to an amazing album.

Grab your copy here.

Source: Only Techno

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