With wholesome house vibes and a warming sensual vocal pair Just Be Free” swiftly the song title alludes to.

The -arranged “Just Be Free” grabs the listener with brass instrument hits and vocal chops soaring around, the light build-up and followed drop lands you sort of in a spot of settled euphoria – ready for another listen. The is part of Alessandro Costa’s showing to the music world of what’s to come from him soon. With the planning rolling out, Costa shares back story behind this single:

I was in the studio together with Benedetto Bianco working on the instrumental version of this track. Originally was thought for a male voice with a completely other intention and lyrics. Norah B us in-studio for another song, we played the instrumental mix and in a minute was a jam session. In 20 minutes we had new lyrics and a new singer. Was a great day.
– Alessandro Costa

The Italian-located clearly has been stacking his moments and planning things out the right way, music first. If “Just Be Free” is the , the upcoming Be Free EP, and the hinted slew of music after, are all to gain the attention of those it finds. Don’t sleep on Costa 2020/2021.

Source: Daily Beat


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