3, 2020

South Central Recordings give another bad ass installment. from heavy hitters Natty D and K Jah. Never fillers. Always .

Natty D starts out ‘True Warrior’ with classic keys in the intro. The drop is heavy like tank and those keys come back at ya with sirens and mayhem all over. Lyrics of Cheshire Cat are about ghetto as they get and run all the way to Jamaica and back. A badman tune all day. Bass rumbles, drums bouncing, snare crackin’ and those keys just push you over the edge. Some roots action for you Jungle history buffs.

K Jah comes into ‘Oh Please’ not wasting any time. beat that jumps right into the groove with background effects and atmosphere running thick. A build to a drop that is just plain off the chain a bass line that talks at you with some attitude. Got a problem with that? This tune packs some heat as it warps, warbles and pitches all over the damn road. Don’t worry, K Jah is at the wheel….we .



Natty D


K Jah


South Central Records


Source: DNB Vault


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