In these dark and uncertain times, it’s comforting to watch messages of hope. We are able to do just thanks to the new music video to sit alongside Peyton’s “Things Can Only Get Better.” You may remember sunny record from last year, or this year when a EP got released.

Now it’s back in a film directed by Dan French, exploring of togetherness and love amidst a global pandemic and a political landmine. Shot beautifully and working in effortless conjunction the single, the producer has spoken more on its message, sharing: year has been and continues to be a year of epic for most of us on planet earth. For many it has also been a year of revelations, new discoveries, and deep spiritual growth on some level. The singular purpose of this video was to create a vision we can hopefully ALL share, of a life outside the boxes we live in. Lockdowns have kept millions of us indoors, while closed borders have prevented us from moving freely and seeing our friends and family a time when perhaps we’ve needed them the most. Worst of all, in many places the pandemic has been politicised and boxed up our minds, creating yet more division in a world that seems increasingly divided by the day.

song is an anthem of hope and a declaration of to this weary world, which I pray might provide some encouragement by reminding all of us things can and will get better if we stay connected to each other and let our collective light illuminate the path ahead.”

Hit play on special visual below.

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