Anterograde Records a Gabber Modus Operandi of Hextape’s track ‘Revenge‘, from the forthcoming ‘2 Fast 2 Furious: Forever Drifting‘ remix album.

Bridget Chappell — a.k.a Hextape — is an avant-garde musician and sound activist hailing from Australia, where she co-fronts the Sound School project in Melbourne amongst numerous other projects. A series of six remixes of her debut via have been assembled from musicians across the globe and the spectrum of genres, and are presented alongside a remastering of the project.

No guesses as to where have directed their take on ‘Revenge‘, however — the infamous Indonesian duo place no steps wrong in twisting original content into the hottest circles of Hell. Fusing together jarring, eerie vocal samples with the trademark rave stabs of gabber, the remix makes no false promises, and leaves no prisoners after the furious assault.

‘2 Fast 2 Furious: Forever Drifting’ is scheduled for release 25 November via Anterograde . Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Etude For Sword
2. 200 Fast 200 Furious
3. I Just Wanna Race
4. Revenge
5. Yubaba
6. How To Walk Away From Something That’s Hurting You
7. How To Walk Away From Something That’s Hurting You (Aarti Jadu Remix)
8. Yubaba (M. Quake FYI IRL Remix)
9. I Just Wanna Race (friendships Remix)
10. 200 Fast 200 Furious (CORIN Remix)
11. Revenge (Gabber Modus Operandi Remix)
12. Etude For Sword (Ahm Edit)

Source: Inverted Audio


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