UK house purveyor MK has refreshed his 2020 fan favorite “2AM” with “2AM (MK Dub),” a self- that brings all the heat of the summer sensation with a diabolical deep house expletive. MK’s dub adopts a quicker pace than the original and pitches down Carla Malone‘s vocals, which join the deep, reverberating bassline that the prolific remixer lays the alternate spin. By doing away with the buoyant, spunky attitude of “2AM,” MK creates a menacing counterpart to the pop- poolside anthem.

Releasing one certifiable triumph after another throughout 2020 to date, the house savant has proven there no limit to his chops. Considering that “2AM” has garnered more 9 million streams its July arrival, it’s certainly safe to presume that listeners will be elated to MK’s latest take.

Featured image: Stephen Bondio

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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