deranged and dizzying anthem for making .

ize has joined forces with New York producer Color Plus for ‘Moves’, another hard and fast of his forthcoming project, Ize Cream Man.

With ‘Moves’, ize delivers a deranged and dizzying anthem for making moves, type of which are spectacularly illustrated in the accompanying visual from director Henry, which alongside ize himself stars Alexandra Drewchin, aka Eartheater and Chucky Rosario.

Following ‘This Is Not A Drill’ and ‘Come Up’, the potent distillation of ize’s energy oozing out of the three tracks we’ve so far are making very excited for ize’s hotly-anticipated .

‘Moves’ is out now. Ize Cream Man arrives via London’s O___o? imprint on January 29, 2021.

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Source: Fact Magazine


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