is a collaboration of house music producers: DJ Fuel and Sabro. The duo been working together since 2015, releasing remixes and a number of original tracks. These tracks gained the of DJs like EDX and Stonebridge and earnt the boys commercial airplay on NXFM (now Hit106.9), Hedkandi Radio and Raw FM.

When they first met in a Nelson Bay bar, DJ Fuel was already a seasoned of the industry. Sabro, an SAE student Sabro was eager to learn from DJ Fuel and after up a conversation over mutual musical influences, the pair decided to jump into the studio together.

Four songs and countless gigs later, York & 23rd are now ready for the next phase in their music, elevating their signature house style with a new layer of original vocals.

Their new track: ‘Do You Think About Me’ is out on November 13 on Records.

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