Christian Smith returns his first solo release on Drumcode since 2016, re-contextualising a classic vocal work.

Sweden-born journeyman has been friends Beyer since dot one. In the rare instances he has released outside his own Tronic, Drumcode has received the fruits of his studio labour. Besides the recent contribution to this year’s A-Sides Vol.9 , we haven’t seen a stand-alone Drumcode release from Smith in four years, when his excellent ‘ Majeure’ stood as one of the year’s label highlights.

‘Your Lovin” his fifth release on DC, inspiration from a ’90s classic. Driven by a Minimoog bassline and hypnotic arpeggios, Smith, a perfectionist, made six versions before settling on the final cuts. The original is stripped and searing, perfect for late night moments as restrained vocal grabs add colour to the techno palette. The ‘Ombi Dub’ is a straight-up propulsive tool that hits you straight between the eyes.

Source: Techno Station


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