Australian producer, songwriter and drummer today unveils his latest single ‘Numb’, a brooding electro pop track featuring -via- vocalist . ‘Numb’ explores the pain of a relationship coming to an end and follows on from Commandeur’s recent singles ‘Nothing Else’, ‘Me & You’ and KLP collab ‘Feel The Love’, and shows the depth of Commandeur’s production and songwriting as a solo artist.

Commandeur and GENES explain the meaning behind the song: “‘Numb’ is that imminent feeling of losing love and connection in a relationship. You only touch out of routine, you can’t communicate the way you used to and things that used to spark joy are now fading memories. It’s the pain of a fading relationship and the numbness right before you cut ties with someone.”

Commandeur illuminates further, “Before we were graced with GENES’ vocals, the ‘Numb’ music bed had been sitting patiently for a couple years waiting for its perfect match. As soon as I heard where she took it I was obsessed and couldn’t imagine it any differently. Not only were the melodies beautifully crafted with her voice bringing a light to the darker production, but that mixed with the ‘Numb’ message was all encompassing. I’m really proud of ‘Numb’ and excited to be showing another side of the Commandeur project.”

GENES adds, “Commandeur’s production, especially the way those drums hit, really complement the way I was feeling at the time when I wrote it. ‘Numb’ is an important part of the GENES story because it encapsulates a darker, yet pivotal moment in my life.”

Tim Commandeur has been at the forefront of the global music scene since launching his career in Award-winning band, Operator Please. The multi-instrumentalist has since performed alongside the likes of PNAU, Tkay Maidza, Dua Lipa, King Princess and more. He’s entertained the world on stages from Glastonbury to to four Like A Versions.

Now taking the solo route with his drum kit in tow, Commandeur has been busy in studios from Sydney to LA with the friends and collaborators PNAU, Jesse Boykins III, Kira Divine, Mickey Kojack and more.

Having forged her path in the Australian pop landscape already by collaborating with the likes of Young Franco, Kilter, Donatachi and others amongst a 50 million stream strong songwriting catalogue, 2019 saw the first release and steps from GENES – the artist project of Maddy Rowe – when she stepped into her own spotlight with the release of her debut single, ‘Give It Away’. GENES – named quite literally after her deep association with music being so intrinsic it’s just in her very DNA – backed it up with ‘When I’m Around You’, a sun-soaked pop bop, or as the UK’s pop pariah Popjustice called it, “a silky and romantic Jeppo-esque slinker,” which reached more radio milestones and expanded her presence at streaming.

The combination of Commandeur and GENES expertly showcases two Australian artists on the rise. ‘Numb’ is dark and sexy and ready to add to your collection of new favourite tracks from November 27th.

“One of Australia’s very, very bright young things.” –

“Nothing else can get in the way of you owning 2020.” – The

“Tim’s a skilled drummer and equally talented producer.” – Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed



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