iZotope Ozone is one of the most regarded plugins when it comes to music. The best DJ/producers in the world such as Skrillex, San Holo, Martin Garrix, Jay-Z, and Nine Inch Nails use this plugin. The future of mixing & mastering lays in your hands, especially with this huge deal. Izotope Ozone’s showpiece, Ozone 9, is currently available at 50% off for a limited time so get this deal as soon as possible.

Building on a 17-year legacy, Ozone 9 pushes the boundaries in the category of sound engineering. Not only updating features of the older Ozone 8 but also improving its Artificial Intelligence. Ozone 8 has been working on its program calculation to find solutions & adjustments only professional engineers would make for you. The newer version of AI, features, and presets are forming the revolutionary Ozone 9 version. Features like a dynamic EQ, equalizers, exciter, imager, low-end focus, master rebalance, match EQ, and the vintage tools create a professional mix & master chain for you. Its foundation has been by one of the best sound engineers in the world such as Butch Vig, DJ Zinc, and Joe Chiccarelli creating its Master Assistant. This feature contains 3 : Modules, Loudness & EQ, and Destination. You can choose between modern or vintage modules, a manual or reference track, and a streaming or CD destination to give your mix the treatment it needs. Last but not least, Ozone 9 contains several high-quality presets for only standard mastering, genre-specific mastering, instruments & busses, and a signature pack from Greg Calbi. Be ready to break the boundaries with this engineering tool and make sure to check out the demo here.

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Image Credit: iZotope Ozone

Source: We Rave You


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