Charlotte de is one of the most sought-after DJs in the world now, and has been for a while. The Belgian born artist just took the top spot Beatport’s Alternative Top 100 DJs chart of 2020.

In her interview with Pollstar, Charlotte answered the question to describe what techno is.

”A difficult question. Music is you experience and how you do this strongly depends on yourself as an individual, which makes it hard to pin in . What’s fast for some is slow for others.

According to Google, “Techno is a style of fast, electronic dance music, typically with few or no vocals.” It doesn’t necessarily sound . It touches the darker side of the music spectrum. It’s stripped and repetitive and is initially made to be played in sweaty underground venues.

The last couple of years, Techno got big. Mayor festivals started programming Techno on the main stage, which brought the genre to another . This somewhat interferes with its underground origin and causes of food for for the online community.

In the end, I don’t think it matters what something is called. I also believe that putting things into boxes only can only lead to limitations. In the end it down to this: If it’s good, it’s good.”

Source: Techno Station


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