Gorgon City, the powerhouse duo from London bless us with a forward-thinking four-track EP titled REALM. The two men have been making the most of the slow year and have stayed consistent, putting out a number of singles for their fans. Their two most recent singles “Alive PAX and “” featuring Snakeships just before Thanksgiving and served as an prelude for the EP.

REALM is Gorgon City’s first multi-track project since the release of their last album, Escape, in 28. of the four tracks are previous releases, with “Trapdoor” being the only new release.

Trapdoor” is a clean tech-house track with a smooth, bass line that you love to hear in Gorgon City’s music. In addition to the song, the music video is a simplistic that would make any music director proud.

Elizabeth Street” is an electro house mix with a punchy baseline with another visually stunning video. “Roped In” is a crisp, melodic funk house track that is a nice change of pace from the two heavier songs above! Lastly, the 2017 hit “ on the Vinyl” was remastered and extended to finish off this fantastic EP. While another highly-anticipated Gorgon release is still looming ‘Done’ featuring DRAMA, don’t stray to far.

Gorgon City’s Most Recent Mix:

Gorgon City Online:

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