- EDM talent, Feather has quickly attention with the release of his two debut singles at the tail-end of 2020. Following the release of “Safe ” and “Smoke” with Lostboycrow, Feather now bring us his new “Becoming” EP.

Opening the EP with commanding vocals, the first track “Safe House” gradually swells with energy before flooding with a profound melodic bassline. The second released track, “Smoke” features the vocal talent of Lostboycrow effortlessly complemented the melodic and complex bassline from Feather. His rapidly-growing studio precision shined his second single as a dazzling production. The EP also includes three brand new singles from the Nashville-based producer. This includes “Rise,” which features a breathtaking full of palpable energy and captivating vocals full of raw emotion. Transitioning seamlessly into the third single, “Where Are You” provides a glimpse into the darker sides of Feather and his work. The melodic bass-leaning melody emulates a sense of yearning and angst that fits perfectly alongside the harrowing vocals. The final single, “Keys” features profound instrumentals and resonating vocals and serves as a true testament to his ongoing growth as a multi-talented producer.

Enjoy the EP below and follow Feather.

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