Boasting a certain autonomous nature to his alias and on the rise given his fast-break out remixes and features in 2020, (Hotel Garuda Remix, David Dann, ect.,) the trail being left by the young artist is something to gawk at easily.

In the single, “WANT IT,” expansive good-feeling electronic advances toward the listener, with build ups and drops giving an energy arc, the smooth and savvy house experience being generated here.

“The inspiration behind ‘WANT IT’ came from the feeling of tension/attraction between two persons. Sometime you meet someone and instantly feel a sort of connection but perhaps you’re the only one feeling it. You start overthinking every move the other person and interpreting it falsely when it’s really only you overthinking everything. Still, you hope that feeling is and that it’s not only in your head.”


Clearly taking consideration his life experience and the current music , “WANT IT,” leaves you with more zest than the average .

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