Supremacy has just ticket sales for this year as one of the first events The Netherlands. The raw hardstyle event offers the possibility to secure yourself a ticket in uncertain times like this, by means of a small deposit.

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The date of Supremacy is set for the 25th of September, but organization of Dance understands the current situation. “We hope to gather again with thousands of raw hardstyle fans at Supremacy 2021. Although we are optimistic about the future, we are aware of the measures that can be taken by the government concerning the and the uncertainty this brings.”, says .

As the past editions were sold out, Supremacy offers loyal fans an opportunity to be there the Dutch government has given approval for events, with a deposit of only ten euros. “When Supremacy 2021 can’ take place on the scheduled date, we directly offer a refund of your deposit (on request), the option to transfer your deposit into a voucher or move the deposit to secure your ticket for the next edition.”

you’ve secured your ticket, there are two options:

  1. Supremacy can take place: you will pay the rest amount of the ticket (Regular = €45 ex fee, Supreme VIP = €65 ex fee)
  2. Supremacy can’t take place: we directly offer a refund of your deposit (on request) or you move the deposit to secure your ticket for the next edition.

“Driven by dedication, we are all eager to step out of the dark. Brave, resolute and offensive measures will be taken to bring you: Supremacy 2021”

Ticket sales start next Saturday the 6th of February at 13:00 (CET). “Since times are tough and there’s still a chance Supremacy can’t take place we only ask for a € (ex fee) deposit.

Supremacy is for the grand raw hardstyle -up, with many exclusive live acts and an impressive show. Tickets are available from Saturday via the official website of the event. More questions about the down (and everything that comes with it) are described in detail in the FAQ.

Footage taken from Facebook page Supremacy

Source: Hard News


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