Gunz Hire is secretly working on a new project: a new mission with which the most live act in the scene will perform. It concludes the Blood Brothers era and the duo ends by giving the hardcore closing track ‘Toy Soldiers’ for free.

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Gunz For Hire has been performing all the world for nearly ten years with the acclaimed shows, challenging themselves to be innovative with a complete storyline. Think of No Mercy, Armed & Dangerous and the most recent Blood Brothers. After debuting on Reverze and performances at many other , chapter has now officially come to an end, but not before saying goodbye with a gift for the fans – including all the DJs among us.

‘Toy Soldiers’, the track that you may still know as the closing track of the guys at Defqon.1 and Supremacy, is now available for free. Not only the radio edit, but also the version to mix in, due to the high demand from the gangster family. Meanwhile, Gunz For Hire is busy behind the scenes with a new show for the moment that there are again events: “A project that will shock the scene: 2021 is not ready for what they have in …” The track ‘Toy Soldiers’ is now free to download.

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Gunz For Hire closes Blood Brothers with gift to fans & DJs: ‘Toy Soldiers’

What exactly the masked men are up to will remain a secret for a while. But expect a new concept, with a ton of Gunz For Hire music that you haven’t heard before.

Footage taken from website Q-dance / Defqon.1

Source: Hard News


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